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Glitch Art International Online Exhibition  
Second edition

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We are in our second edition.

The International Online Exhibition - - is an online platform designed to promote, exhibit, and provide a dedicated space for interacting with and discussing Glitch Art.
An exhibition organized in Brazil but is intended for a global audience.

The exhibition is free and open to everyone, as it allows for a wider worldwide audience to access an online program that brings together artworks and texts by current artists and researchers.
The goal is to create a participatory and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing experimental 

and subversive arts from old and new media that are based on analog and digital technologies, also to wide-ranging creative new media-art practices. The exhibition is particularly interested in featuring artworks that explore the critical, artistic and free use of technology.


Please review these frequently asked questions and answers.
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There is no theme. You can submit artistic productions in three categories (audio, image, and video) and papers.
In the artistic production we emphasize those works that clearly are or dialogue with the so-called Glitch Art. These are artworks that feature glitches, errors, failures, noise, deformations, malfunctions, defects, imperfections, strangeness, randomness, accidents, chaos, (dis)programming, deconstructions, interventions, interference, subjectivities and disruption of appearances, power structures, narratives, orders and functionality of data, files, software, hardware, and other technical devices. This includes ways of creating (un)automated, incorrect, incoherent, collaborative constructions, marginal knowledge production, and actions; in short, the possibilities of creating artworks that do not participate or rarely participate in the “recognized” circuit of the current international art market.

The exhibition´s focus is to promote, exhibit, appreciate, interact, and discuss Glitch Art made around the world. It is an international exhibition held to allow artists to exhibit their artwork.
Also, we believe that the theoretical discussion of these practices and artistic genres are also important. All artists and researchers are invited to reflect on the contemporary context of the experimental and theoretical practice behind Glitch Art.
We are looking for the submission of papers resulting from research in the arts, as well as inter- or trans-disciplinary dialogues with other knowledge areas such as design, communication, philosophy, technology, and so forth. The intention is to emphasize reflections on Glitch Art's practices, poetics, and theories in a way that breaks with “traditional” art systems, in order to usher reflective potentials and new references from authors.
This book will be published in PDF and/or e-book format, and it may even be printed on-demand at the discretion of the Organizer. The book, however, is not linked to the event itself and will be available at no cost or at an affordable price to the public.

Yes. The participation is voluntary, open for all, and free. There are no fees for entries and submission. There are no payments to participating artists and authors of published papers.

The voice speaking on behalf of is Cleber Gazana, a person who identifies with Glitch Art and is concerned with its promotion, exhibition, interaction and discussion. If necessary, other people will be invited to the organization. This is an individual initiative without financial or any kind of assistance. I just hope you enjoy it.

The idea is for new editions to appear, but previous editions may or may not remain available online indefinitely. would be an empty URL if not for the artists, researchers and enthusiasts which have participated. Participants will receive a digital participation certificate and their work will be published in an exhibition catalog, both in PDF and free. The catalog will be available indefinitely for access and download here and/or on another online platform that the organization decides to use and/or will exist.

August 1: Launch of the full website.
August 2: Call for submissions opens.
October 1: Deadline for submission of artworks.
November 1: Deadline for submission of papers.
December 1: Exhibition opens.  

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